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Major Road Projects: 

Mound Road Reconstruction – INNOVATE MOUND

The Innovate Mound project will involve the reconstruction of Mound Road from M-59 to I-696.   The project started on August 16, 2021 with construction completion in the Summer of 2024.  The first phase of construction will occur between M-59 and the Sterling Relief Drain located north of 15 Mile Road.  The first phase of the project will entail the setup of traffic control, temporary pavement, underground utility construction and earthwork to allow for paving of phase I in 2022.  A public open house was held on August 26, 2021.  Please see the links below for project information, construction updates and to subscribe to the Innovate Mound newsletter.

Tree removals within the median have been completed.  Removals were necessary for the completion of the project items including the temporary pavement and underground utility construction.  Hundreds of trees will be planted upon completion of the road work as reforestation of the median and roadway.  

Residents and businesses requiring immediate assistance can contact the construction ombudsman, Jon Bailey, at 1-855-MOUND-4U (1-855-668-6348). The ombudsman is available 24 hours a day. For all other questions and information, please contact the Innovate Mound project team.

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19 Mile Road Construction : Dequindre Road to Ryan Road

19 Mile Road Resurfacing, Dequindre to Ryan is now complete.  The goal of the project was to replace the deteriorated asphalt travel lanes with new asphalt pavement. Additionally, this project improved the safety of the existing trail crossing on 19 Mile Road located east of Flis Drive via installation of pushbutton LED crosswalk flashing signage, warning ahead signs and crosswalk pavement markings.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact Scott Charron at 586-446-2723.

Project Notification Letter  Project Map

Schoenherr Road Asphalt Resurfacing: North of Plumbrook Drain to 1,200 feet North of Clinton River 

The MCDR is continuing a project to resurface Schoenherr Road from south of Plumbrook Road to north of Clinton River Road.  The project also includes bridge repair on the Bridges over the Plumbrook Drain and Clinton River.

Schoenherr Road has reopened to through traffic in both directions.

The contractor is Pro-Line Asphalt. Please contact Macomb County 586-463-8671 with any questions regarding the project.

Macomb Interceptor Drain Rehabilitation Project

The Macomb County Department of Public Works will be performing rehabilitation work on the Macomb Interceptor located along 15 Mile Road between the ITC corridor and Hayes Road.  One lane of eastbound 15 Mile Road between Morningdale Drive and Hayes will be closed beginning September 8, 2021 and will remain closed until the Fall of 2022 to allow for this work to be completed.   Additionally,  the East Half of the Fontana Drive Boulevard will be closed between September 2021 and late Spring 2022.  Access to Fontana Drive will be maintained on the west half of the boulevard entrance with two-way traffic. Please see the letter below for additional information. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Keith Lumma with the Macomb County Public Works Office at or 586-469-5325.

Macomb Interceptor Drain Resident Letter

Metropolitan Parkway Resurfacing: Dodge Park Road to 1000' East of Van Dyke 

This MCDR is planning to resurface Metropolitan Parkway with Asphalt between Dodge Park Road and 1000' East of Van Dyke beginning in 2022.  More details regarding this project will be provided as construction approaches. Please contact Macomb County at 586-463-8671 with any questions regarding the project.

Metropolitan Parkway Capital Maintenance Project: Ryan Road to Dequindre 2022

This MCDR is planning to capital maintenance on Metropolitan Parkway between Ryan Road and Dequindre Road in 2022.  More details regarding this project will be provided as construction approaches. Please contact Macomb County at 586-463-8671 with any questions regarding the project.

Local Road Projects:

Local Road Project Status Update

Lake Forest Drive Before and After 

Burning Bush Drive Before and After

Note all Local Road projects have been completed punch list items will be completed in the coming weeks.

  • Alta Vista Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Arcadia Drive and Fulton Court Concrete Reconstruction,(Complete)
  • Karola Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Lana Lane Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Merci Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Vassar Court Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Warsaw Street  Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Woodvilla Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Ajanta Court Concrete Reconstruction (Complete)
  • Chris Drive, Pompano Drive, and Poterek Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Donna Drive, Erin Drive, Sylvan Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Independence Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Lake Forest Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)
  • Matlock Drive and Kirkton Drive Concrete Reconstruction, (Complete)

  • Littlefield Drive Reconstruction, Beecher Dr to Cul-de-sac  (Complete)
  • Monterey Drive Reconstruction, Plumbrook Road to Monsbrook Drive (Complete)
  • Sorrento Boulevard Reconstruction, Dodge Park Road to 450' East (Complete)
  • Danforth Drive Reconstruction, Dodge Park Road to 200' East (Complete)
  • Arcola Drive Reconstruction, 16 1/2 Mile Road to North (Complete)
  • Sanford Drive Reconstruction, Koch Drive to Tyler Drive (Complete)
  • Shell Drive Reconstruction, Elmcrest Drive to Eunice Drive (Complete)
  • Elmcrest Road Reconstruction, Ivy Drive to Dunston Drive (Complete)
  • Westchester Road Reconstruction, Fox Hill Drive to Shruboak Drive (Complete)
  • Corriander Drive Reconstruction, Tarragon Drive to Marjoran Drive (Complete)
  • Burningbush Drive Reconstruction, Hoptree Drive to Pond View Drive (Complete)