Recreation & Culture

  1. Attractions

    Look up popular attractions in and around Sterling Heights.

  2. City Parks

    View this map of community parks and find a park near you!

  3. Nature Center

    Look up information on the Nature Center in Sterling Heights.

  4. Parks & Recreation

    View information on community parks, sign up for activities, and much more.

  5. Public Art & Sculpture

    Art supporters such as the Sterling Heights Cultural Commission, Friends of the Sterling Heights Library and the Sterling Heights Community Foundation work to foster an appreciation of the arts for years to come.

  6. Senior Center

    The Sterling Heights Senior Center is located east of Dodge Park Road on Utica Road. The center has more than 5,500 members. Activities include bi-weekly socials, dances, trips, bowling, golf and social services. Seniors have the opportunity to volunteer for several community programs through the Center.

  7. Clinton River

    Information about the Clinton River

  8. Land Use Master Plan

    Learn more about the City of Sterling Heights' Master Plan Update.

  9. Recreating Recreation

    Information about the City's 2030 Visioning Plan with regards to recreation.

  10. Events

  11. I Love My Park