Media Resources

  1. Media Releases

    The City of Sterling Heights has made opening the lines of communication between the local government and its residents its top priority. Communication with the public is encouraged and disseminated in a variety of ways including through print, radio, television, email, social media, and the World Wide Web.

  2. Newspapers

    Find contact information for your area newspapers.

  3. Sterling Heights Magazine

    Read all about the Sterling Heights Magazine.

  4. Sterling Heights Radio 1700

    Motorists traveling through Sterling Heights and residents listening at home now can use their car and home radios for official Sterling Heights news, activity, and emergency information.

  5. Sterling Heights Television

    Sterling Heights Television features 2 award-winning broadcast government services, SHTV Channels 5 and 10, and Library Channels 11 and 12.

  6. SHTV On-Demand

    Check out SHTV programs and stream them over the internet.

  7. SHTV Programs

    Look up information on the various television programs on SHTV including live government meetings, Fitness in Motion, and Legally Speaking.