Sewer Division

About the Division

The Sewage Collection Division is responsible for maintaining designed sewerage flows through maintenance of the City-owned sanitary and storm sewer systems to ensure proper functioning.

​Maintenance & Repair

Staff conducts thorough and responsible sewer and utility inspections. Crews of this Division continually repair and restore damaged utility structures, sewer lines, and replace the concrete required by these repairs. Included among duties of this Division is the maintenance of retention ponds to assure proper functioning for the temporary retention of storm water drainage.

Preventative Maintenance

Emergency flooding conditions are responded to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Known sanitary sewer system and lift station problem areas are checked for surcharging and proper operation during heavy rainfall.

Key Goals

  • To provide a systematic preventative maintenance sanitary sewer cleaning program to prevent sewer blockages.
  • To provide efficient and economical maintenance, repair and restoration of the City's sanitary and storm sewer systems.
  • To provide an efficient, competent and responsible sewer connection utility inspection program.
  • To ensure safe, well maintained, functioning storm water retention basins for temporary detention of storm water run-off without damaging our stream ecology while preventing street and basement flooding.
  • To minimize infiltration into the sanitary sewer system through inspection and an ongoing rehabilitation program.