Liquor License

Liquor License applications are available at the City Clerk's office. For questions regarding the purchase of a liquor license in the city of Sterling Heights, contact the City Clerk at (586) 446-2421. See the fee schedule below for a list of current fees.

Click here to view the city ordinance regarding alcoholic beverages.

2018-19 Liquor License Fees

Class C Liquor License $2,200.00
Tavern License $2,200.00
SDD and SDM  $2,200.00
Entertainment and/or Dance Permit $2,200.00
Extended Hours Permit $2,200.00
Shareholder Partial Transfer $1,090.00
Temporary Liquor License Application Fee $     37.00
Outdoor Service Permit $   273.00
To obtain a temporary liquor license for events, contact the Police Department at (586) 446-2800.