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About Velocity

Velocity, a Pure Michigan SmartZone Collaboration Center, serves as a hub for business incubation and economic development, targeting defense, homeland security, and advanced manufacturing. Through the expertise and initiatives of its partners, Velocity is a catalyst for launching, developing, retaining and attracting commercial enterprise within its target industries.
The Velocity Collaboration Center is located in a beautiful 38,922 square foot building on a prime 12-acre site, donated to the Sterling Heights Local Development Financing Authority by Michael J. Damman of} A.J. Damman Co. in 2009.
Office of Economic Development at the Velocity Collaboration Center
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Velocity is a public facility to promote economic growth and is available for use by private businesses through the area (subject to approval, availability and a fee). However, the Velocity partners cannot endorse, promote, or advertise private business events or sales events.