Local Development Financing Authority

About the Authority

The Local Development Financing Authority (LDFA) was established per Pubic Act 281 of 1986 as a tax increment financing method to redevelop existing sites and spur growth specifically for manufacturing, agricultural processing, high tech and alternative energy.

Eligible Public Improvements

Eligible public improvements include:
  • Any utility line or pipeline or similar infrastructure improvements and related easements for the structure or improvement
  • Demolition
  • Electric and gas
  • Facilities used to eliminate or prevent the spread of identified soil or groundwater contamination
  • Pretreatment facilities
  • Roads, bridges, and rail lines
  • Sanitary sewer lines and/or sanitary sewage treatment facilities
  • Site preparation
  • Stormwater lines, drainage systems and/or retention basins
  • Telephone or other communications
  • Water lines and/or water storage facilities