Dodge Park has re-opened after renovation! The update includes Recreating Recreation projects such as a splash pad, ice rink, farmers market pavilion, new amphitheatre, sand volleyball courts, turf mini soccer field and other aesthetic improvements.

The Recreating Recreation initiative will leverage the existing natural resource assets to create a City that provides its residents with year-round recreational opportunities. The millage will fund the City's Recreating Recreation initiative that will deliver a diverse mix of recreational opportunities to the City's 130,000-plus residents, including:

[View a photo gallery of the proposed Recreating Recreation facilities and recreational opportunities]
  • Construction of a new 98,000 square foot Community Center that would be a draw for all residents participating in the wide-array of cultural and recreational programming produced by the Parks & Recreation Department.
  • A permanent facility for the highly successful Dodge Park Farmers Market.
  • A refrigerated ice-rink for winter enthusiasts seeking a place to enjoy outdoor skating.
  • An outdoor sprayground that will provide families with a great place to cool down.
  • A multi-use skatepark that will be a unique recreational opportunity for the more adventurous crowd. (November Ribbon Cutting)
  • Development of a hike/bike trail linking Joseph J. Delia, Jr. Major Park with the City Nature Preserve. This hike/bike trail will, for the first time, allow residents to access the 110+ acre preserve from Delia Park.
  • At Delia Park, a dog park where man’s best friends can enjoy some off leash time together.
  • Facilities for canoe and kayak enthusiasts to enjoy the best stretch of the Clinton River in Macomb County.
  • Capital improvements to nearly every one of the City’s 26 neighborhood and 5 major parks.
  • Access for City residents to enjoy an aquatics option for year-round water activity.
  • A mini turf soccer field for those who enjoy playing the world’s most popular sport.
“There is so much potential to develop Sterling Heights as a place renowned for recreational opportunities,” said Sterling Heights Mayor Michael C. Taylor. “Creating new levels for our residents to connect with the City is exactly what placemaking strives to do. These new recreational amenities will be destinations for our residents and an attraction for families looking for an outstanding quality of life."

The City estimates that the total cost to develop all of the proposed projects is $45 million. The cost to the average Sterling Heights homeowner is $62.96 per year for 20 years. Click here to use the tax calculator to estimate the impact on your household.

Read the full press release announcing the Recreating Recreation initiative.

View a presentation and City Council vote on Recreating Recreation, view a clip of the June 7, 2016 City Council meeting.

View the official Nov. 8 election results from Macomb County.

Project Details and Photos

Click on the links below to view the full image or document related to the individual projects below.

21 playgrounds have been made over. Construction began early spring 2017 and went through spring 2018.

Arlingdale Park - Playground Completed 
Avis Park - Playground Completed
Ben Hadley Park - Playground Completed
Carpathia Park - Playground Completed
College Park - Playground Completed
Dodge Park - Playground Completed
Fairfield Park - Playground Completed
Franklin Park - Playground Completed
Hampton Park - Playground Completed
Imus Park - Playground Completed
Jaycee Park - Playground Completed
LW Baumgartner Park - Playground Completed
Magnolia Park - Playground Completed
Mark Sawyer Family Park - Playground Completed
Moravian Park - Playground Completed
Nelson Park Upper Level - Playground Completed
Nelson Park Lower Level - Playground Completed
North Clinton River Park - Playground Completed
Rotary Park - Playground Completed
Tom Chappelle Park - Playground Completed
Washington Square Park - Playground Completed