Sterling Heights Residential Lock Box Program

A Lock Box is a small metal box, which is installed outside of an individual’s home containing a key to the residence. The box is locked by a special key, to which only the Fire Department has access. In the event of an emergency, the Fire Department can use the special key to open the Lock Box and access your key to gain entry into your home, therefore reducing the potential for damage to your home from forcible entry.

The box is ideal for individuals with a history of medical issues, recuperating from a hospital stay, living alone, or in conjunction with a medical alert system.
Roper Lock Box 2
Roper Lock Box 3
Roper Lock Box 1
If you are interested in this program, a release of liability will need to be signed before the Lock Box can be placed into service.

To order a Roper Lock Box, there is a one-time purchase fee and no monthly monitoring fees. These boxes are safe, durable and available in three different styles. The cost is $27.95 plus shipping and handling. You can order online or over the phone at 1-800-466-9312. **IMPORTANT** If you are ordering online, make sure to enter "Sterling Heights" under the "Key Code" section to ensure proper key coding to the Sterling Heights Fire Department.

The Knox Company also sells Lock Boxes. These boxes cost around $200. If you are interested in this option, an application is available at Fire Station 5 (Fire Headquarters, 41625 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48314) as there is no website ordering for this product.

While you are waiting for the delivery of your Lock Box, it is the perfect time to have extra copies of your door keys made. If your door has a deadbolt, don't forget to have an extra key made for this lock as well. These keys will be put inside the Lock Box by the Fire Department.

Upon receiving your Lock Box, please contact the Sterling Heights Fire Prevention at (586) 446-2970 to make an appointment to have your keys installed.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact Fire Prevention at (586) 446-2970.