Youth Program

Youth Build a Better World

Monday, June 19 to Saturday, August 19


Head to our Youth Reference Desk to pick up a summer reading booklet. Every week of summer reading has a Bingo-style sheet of goals. Once you complete a goal, mark it off on that week’s sheet. You can earn prizes by completing whole rows (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). If you complete at least one row, you can go to the Youth Services Desk to get your sheet stamped. You’ll also earn a weekly prize!

For every row you complete (up to three), you also earn an entry ticket for one of several grand prizes. You can enter all your tickets in one prize or spread them out—it’s up to you. Winners will be revealed at the Summer Reading Party

If all eight weeks have been completed, you also earn a finisher’s prize! Finishers will receive a small package of goodies, including additional grand prize entries. Be sure to turn it in by Aug. 19!


The listener program is for children who can’t read, but still enjoy listening to stories. The weekly goals are slightly different, but the prizes and contest rules are otherwise the same as the Readers.

Special Needs

Children with special needs can enjoy a program that is identical to the Readers program in every way except that the reading goals are defined by a parent or caregiver.