I Love My Park

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Happy National Parks and Recreation Month to You! 

Share the love! 

Got an eye for photography and a love for our parks? Show us and your picture could be one of three enlarged into a print and put on display at thehands on camera Parks and Recreation building! Throughout July, National Parks & Recreation Month, residents are invited to submit photos to photos@sterling-heights.net. These photos should be of residents, their families, or their pets enjoying a Sterling Heights park. 

In the email submission, add a sentence or two to be used as a caption. In what park was the photo taken? Why do you love this park? What’s going on in this picture? Why are parks important to you? 

The submissions will be compiled and shared on social media throughout the month. All entries are subject to being featured. 

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges and announced publicly the first week of August.

Here's why we LOVE our parks: 

parks and our city

parks and your health

parks and your wallet

We aren't the only ones celebrating!

Thanks for all the love from Dodge Park!

Check out the power parks have on your life and community!