Proposed Construction Timeline

City Administration has developed a preliminary schedule for the construction and opening of the Recreating Recreation projects within a three-year period. In order to meet this goal, City Administration has approved two professional architectural firms be retained to design and administer the construction of the Recreating Recreation projects. The Recreating Recreation projects will be divided between the two firms as follows:

George J. Hartman Architects, P.C., will provide architectural services for the new community center. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2018 and be completed in the spring of 2019.

Dorchen/Martin Associates, Inc. will provide the architectural services for the remaining Recreating Recreation projects, which are varied.

The timelines are very preliminary, may change and are not inclusive of all proposed projects. More discussions will transpire with the city design team and the architects.
RecreatingRecreation Timeline

Proposed Recreating Recreation Project Timeline

Community Center Plans Date
Award contract to architect November 2016
Plan completion  September 2017
City permits and approvals October 2017
Out for bids December 2017
Construction starts  March 2018
Construction complete April 2019
Other Recreating Recreation Projects                                                                      Start Date
Skate Park and Splash Park  2017
Farmers Market Pavilion/Ice Rink  2017
Neighborhood Parks Projects  To be bid in groups, with first projects starting in 2017
Paddle Landings/Launches Temporary facilities 2017, permanent facilities 2018
Canoe/Kayak Livery  2018
Dog Park  2018
Delia Park to Nature Center Trail  2019