CORE Program

The new program, called CORE (Community Outreach and Engagement), gives each of the six area districts of the City its own officer assigned to serve as a resource to residents of the region. CORE uses the Sterling Heights Police Department existing area district map and divides the City into six boundaries: Adam, Baker, Charlie, David, Edward and Frank. Each area district's officer will be the region’s advocate and neighborhood expert. These six officers will work not only to make meaningful relationships, but to identify and report potential crime trends or neighborhood issues to SHPD leadership.

A Traffic Resource Officer has been added to the CORE team and will be assigned to support all 6 districts in any traffic related matters. 

"The goal of the CORE program is to better humanize our department as well as for us to be more proactive in our community outreach," former Police Chief John Berg said. "We hope the CORE program will not only increase trust of police and allow for greater cooperation from citizens, but also make our officers' jobs safer and easier to do."

For more information on the program, please contact (586) 446-CORE.

This summer the CORE Officers are partnering with the Parks & Recreation Department and Beaumont Gets Walking program for "Walk With a CORE Cop." From June through August, the CORE Officers invite residents to meet them at our local parks and join in for a walk, giving residents the opportunity to ask questions, get to know their CORE Officer better and get some exercise! To see the program dates and times, click here.  

Sterling Heights CORE Officers

ADAM Officer
Frank Manning
Officer Kashat
BAKER Officer
Lamar Kashat
Duane Casbar
DAVID Officer
Christopher Moreau
EDWARD Officer
Dustin Leak
CORE Officer Krueger
FRANK Officer
Donovan Leonard
Traffic Resource Officer  Brian Krueger
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