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Happy birthday, Sterling Heights! 

The City of Sterling Heights was officially incorporated as a municipality on July 1, 1968 - making 2018 its 50th Anniversary year! To commemorate this exciting time, and the people who helped shape our community, the City is planning a year of remembrances, celebrations and a look ahead to the future. 

Throughout 2018, the City will be hosting events to celebrate turning 50. At each event, volunteers will be selling 50th Anniversary apparel and merchandise (also available online here) as well as the latest edition of a Sterling Heights history book, "Images of Modern America: Sterling Heights".

From simple, quiet rhubarb farms to a bustling city, Sterling Heights has transformed and grown over the last 50 years!

The creation of the industrial corridor, the birth of Sterlingfest (originally known as Summerfest!), the expansion of Van Dyke, a visit to the President of the United States on a historic date, Sterling Heights and the people who helped shape it over the last five decades have seen firsthand the fruits of their labors.

Journey through our city's rich history with "Through Their Eyes: An Oral History of Sterling Heights" created by SHTV.

Sterling Heights Book

Brush up on your Sterling Heights history with books, photos, and articles from the Historical Commission!

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, the City has supported the production of the Sterling Heights 50th Anniversary Booklet.

Local businesses in the area joined celebration with the opportunity of placing an ad or greeting in this special program detailing the history of Sterling Heights. It includes exciting photos and stories from the 1800s to the present.

Over 52,000 of these booklets will be hand-delivered to every home, business, and school in Sterling Heights. They will also be at City Hall and the Library for years to come.

For an PDF version, click here.

50th Anniversary Booklet Cover