Sidewalk Programs

In accordance with the City Ordinance, all sidewalks in the City are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. (City Ordinance, Chapter 48-6)

The City has two sidewalk programs to assist with maintaining and improving the sidewalk system. The sidewalk replacement program is for existing hazardous sidewalk. The sidewalk gap program is to complete gaps where no sidewalk exists.

**At this time, there are NO pending invoices for sidewalks FROM Engineering. Please contact Treasury to verify any charges.**
Sidewalk Repair Program

The Sidewalk Repair Program is done by sections within the City in accordance to the Sidewalk repair program Map. Miscellaneous properties can be added either by the request of the property owner or by walkers, postal workers, or meter readers that report hazardous sidewalk. All reports of hazardous sidewalk are inspected by a City Inspector for conditions before being added to the program. Multiple requests in the same area will not be added to the miscellaneous program unless there is a sufficient hazard. A whole area of requests will be on the normal repair program sequence. ADA sidewalk ramps are installed in accordance with the repair program sequence. All private developments are responsible for their own sidewalk within their development. The City will not repair private sidewalks.

Sidewalk Gap Program

The sidewalk Gap Program is done on major roads only by requests of walkers and by City evaluations of walking access to public and private amenities. The Gap program cannot be completed unless the Right-of-Way (ROW) is owned by a municipality. If not owned, the request will be added, but must wait until the ROW is purchased. Sidewalk gaps within a subdivision or condominium that are under construction will not be added to the request list. Only after a stagnate building year, will the sidewalk be considered.