Permits, Inspections, and Code

Will code enforcement still be in effect?

Code Enforcement is currently postponing enforcement and Ordinance Board of Appeals meetings through the City closure. As always, we ask residents to continue to follow city code and be respectful to neighbors.

How can I apply for a permit?

All permits during this time should be submitted electronically, if you have questions please contact the departments below.

Planning Department:

Engineering Department:

Building Department:

How do I obtain a building permit during the City closure?

Trade permits and roofing permits can be obtained here.

Can I mail in my permit application since City Hall is closed?

Yes, you can mail the permit and plans needed to apply for a permit. This process will take longer than normal since mail delivery may be delayed while City Hall is closed.

Are Inspections still being performed? 

Until March 24, inspections were limited to new construction and unoccupied homes or buildings only. Inspection requests for any occupied home or business are temporarily suspended during the City closure. With the new "stay home; stay safe" governor mandate, inspections are very limited with the amount of work on pause. If you have a specific question on an inspection, please email and we will have an inspector contact you.

If I have an inspection scheduled, how do I get in contact with the inspector for an approximate time?

All office phones have been set to forward to inspector cell phones, so you can reach them simply by calling them on their office phone. If you leave a voicemail, they will also receive an email of the recording, and they will return all calls within 24 hours.

How do I schedule an inspection?

You can schedule an inspection here.