As businesses begin to reopen, their ability to adapt may be critically important to their long-term viability and survival. The City of Sterling Heights is helping out in their own way, through the launch of a new program designed to support local businesses that fall under recent COVID-related restrictions. Through the Inside Out program, existing businesses within Sterling Heights may provide the same services and goods to our community that are normally provide inside; outside in accordance with the standards set forth in the newly approved Inside Out Self Evaluation Form and Conditions.

Outdoor services will provide safe alternatives to traditional service delivery models. So long as appropriate safeguards are in place, the Inside Out program offers a simple way the City can assist businesses in the short-term with their recovery from the emergency closures.

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Inside Out Temporary Outdoor Use Application 

An existing business owner simply provides a drawing and/or pictures of the proposed outdoor sales and service area, fills out the application package and submits the information electronically to the City. The City will review the application within three (3) days and schedule the appropriate inspections.

Inside Out Application

Business Response Checklist

Program Details