Public Works

Department Divisions

The department is divided into 5 divisions:

Duties & Responsibilities

The Public Works Department supervises the following:

  • Maintenance and repair of City Streets
  • Auto repair for all City owned vehicles
  • Distribution of safe drinking water
  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Tree planting and pruning and removal
  • Proper flow of sanitary system to prevent back-ups from occurring

Refuse & Recycling

Refuse collection is handled by a private refuse contractor, Green For Life Inc (GFL), but the Public Works Department oversees the general operations.  If you experience any concerns with the collection of your refuse or recycling please contact GFL at 866-772-8900.

Sign up for GFL's Curbside Recycling service and a cart or call GFL at (844)464-3587.

Drinking Water Testing Services

For residents that are concerned with their water quality in their homes, services are available for drinking water testing.

The Mount Clemens Water Filtration Plant Laboratory will conduct tests for coliform bacteria in drinking water for a fee of $37.00 per sample. Find information and forms.

The Michigan DEQ Laboratory will conduct tests for Lead and Copper levels in drinking water for a fee of $26.00 per sample. Find information and forms.

The EPA has created an informational flyer on actions you can take to reduce lead in drinking water in your home, available here EPA - Lead in Drinking Water.

For a current water quality report, please click the following link:

Watch the video below for more information about our water!