Environmentally-Friendly Businesses

Are you a business owner interested in reducing electronic and paper wastes and increasing energy and water efficiency? Are you interested in creating a more sustainable environment at your work place? If so, follow these tips below to kick start pollution prevention initiatives at your office:
  1. Join the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s P2 Partnerships and to apply for Clean Corporate Citizenship.
  2. Request a Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Program (RETAP) audit. The RETAP offers free, confidential advice for waste reduction and operational efficiency.
  3. Start a Paper Recycling Program at your office(s).
  4. Organize carpool or Bike-to-Work days.
  5. Make your facilities greener through energy efficiency, green cleaning or water conservation.
  6. Volunteer in Sterling Heights’ River Day and Clinton Clean-Up events each June and September. Contact CRWC at 248-601-0606 for more information.