Broadcast Services Division

The Broadcast Services Division is responsible for Sterling Heights Television (SHTV) and the library government access channels. Each station offers residents an alternative to keep informed of the workings of Sterling Heights government. SHTV airs 8 hours of original programming per day. The Library Channel airs up to 8 hours of original and syndicated programming per day, produced in conjunction with library staff.

SHTV can be found on Comcast Channel 5, WOW Channel 10 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99.
The Library Channel is on Comcast Channel 12, WOW Channel 18 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99.


The Sterling Heights City Council Chambers will begin to see major changes take place at the end of the month as the live meeting broadcasting equipment is brought up to date.  The full process will take a couple of weeks and may include an occasional shut down of SHTV.  In early June SHTV will begin to broadcast live meetings with improved sound and image quality.  The channel line up will also begin to see some changes starting with adding "Timeless Trivia" and "Dining with Daddy" to the schedule.  Check the program schedule for the latest changes throughout the month.

Don't forget that you can stream our broadcast channel online at YouTube, and be sure to take SHTV with you on your mobile device. The YouTube app is available for Android Devices and iPhones.

2016/2017 Fee for SHTV DVD Dubs

Residential Status Fee
Resident $27
Non-Resident  $37