Yard Waste Collection

         Separate Yard Waste Collection started the week of April 3rd, 2017

Rules & Regulations

  • Residents are reminded that no refuse or yard waste should be placed at curbside earlier than 1 p.m. the day before collection.
  • No items should be placed in the street.
  • All refuse must be out by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Even if the trucks usually come later in the day, schedules sometimes change. Remember, you can put everything out the night before.
  • All containers must be removed from curbside no later than 10 hours following collection.
  • Please place yard waste a few feet away from trash. If possible, place on opposite sides of the driveway.

Acceptable Yard Waste

  • Branches / brush less than four feet long, securely tied and bundled
  • Christmas trees - January 2nd through February 3rd 2017
  • Flowers and other “soft” material
  • Grass clippings and garden weeds
  • Leaves
Please do not include any sod. Contact the Department of Public Works for proper disposal instructions.

Bagging Grass Alternatives

The best alternative to bagging your grass is to use a mulching lawn mower. Mowers of this type mulch grass and leaves into fine particles which decompose on your lawn. This process is good for your lawn and does not create thatch. Mulching mowers and conversion kits for older lawn mowers are available at local lawn equipment suppliers.

Acceptable Yard Waste Containers

  • 32-gallon cans marked “Yard Waste.” Stickers are available in the Community Relations Department at City Hall and the Public Works Department on 18 Mile Road.
  • Heavy Duty Paper Yard Waste Bags
Yard waste will not be picked up in clear, colored or black bags of any type.

Delayed Collection Schedule

Please view the Delayed Collection Schedule (PDF) to see a delayed schedule due to observed holidays by GFL. To receive refuse collection delay notices by email, please sign up for the city's Electronic Newsletter. To sign up, please access the Notify Me system.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at 586-446-2440 or you can call the Community Relations Department at 586-446-CITY.

As you know, a private company is contracted for refuse collection. If you have a need to reach them directly, please call GFL Environmental Inc. at 866-772-8900 also includes dumpster information.