City Budget

The Sterling Heights City Council adopted its 2016/17 Annual Budget on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  To download a copy of the 2016/17 Annual City Budget (PDF), please click the image to the right.  

The spending plan for the fiscal year beginning July 1 totals $170 million – a decrease of $7.8 million or 4.4 percent.  The budget continues to fund the voter approved Safe Streets Proposal that enables the City to avoid further cuts to public safety staffing, funds the early hiring of new Police Officers, provides for needed community investments, and increases reserves.  The budget also incorporates the City’s Vision 2030 Plan that seeks to keep the community vibrant, maintain the City’s overall excellent quality of life, and provide recreational and other place making opportunities.

Realized Savings

Because of the efficient delivery of services, the City’s tax rate remains lower than two-thirds of cities in the State.  The City’s tax rate is 5.9 mills lower than the average of all cities in Macomb County.  As a result, the average homeowner’s total property tax bill this upcoming year will be $200 or 7.2% less than it was nine years ago. 

New Hiring

The budget funds 449 full-time positions – a net increase of 2 positions.  Two part-time staff are being converted to full-time and a new Community Relations position is proposed.  Three additional part-time Clerical and two part-time Code Enforcement Officers are also funded.  The City has reduced funding for 200 full-time positions or 31 percent of its workforce since 2002, saving $15.6 million annually.

Road Repairs

The budget includes funding for an increased level of road repairs, including the continued six-fold increase in neighborhood road repairs, the resurfacing of 14 and 15 Mile Roads, reconstruction of M-59, and the widening of Dequindre Road.  The spending plan also includes replacement of the pedestrian bridge along the Dodge Park bike trail and the replacement of the Riverland pedestrian bridge.  The budget allows for the early hiring and training of 18 Police Officers and the operation of the Fire Rescue vehicle as an additional ALS unit.

Public Safety Capital Funding

The budget also continues to restore public safety capital funding that had been scaled back and delayed due to revenue declines.  Funds are budgeted to replace 12 Police vehicles, a Fire Aerial Ladder Truck, 18 Fire vehicle computers, fire medical equipment, four replacement outdoor emergency warning sirens, a Street Sweeper, and a Snow Plow Truck.  Funds are also allocated for Police, Fire and Library facility repairs, a new online resident service request software application, five additional Music in the Park concerts, and replacement Library patron tables and chairs.

City Manager's Statement

 “The budget incorporates the City’s recently updated Vision 2030 plan by reinvesting in neighborhoods roads, public safety, effective property maintenance initiatives, diversified economic development efforts and a variety of community-oriented services,"  said City Manager Mark Vanderpool.  "The budget sets a path for the future by enhancing quality of life for our residents and businesses and further reinvesting in our employees who provide vital services on a daily basis to our customers.”