Water & Sewer Utility Bill Information

Please mail your water bill payment to:
Department 181601
City of Sterling Heights - Water
P.O. Box 55000
Detroit, MI 48255-1816

For Water & Sewer bill questions, please call 586-446-2320 and have your current meter reading ready for consumption questions.

Study Says City Maintains State's Lowest Water / Sewer Rate

A survey by independent consultants Black and Veatch concludes that the combined water and sewer rate for homeowners in Sterling Heights remains the lowest among 51 Michigan communities with populations of more than 25,000. The Kansas-based company's Water / Wastewater Rate Survey for 2003 is the most recent study available, and its findings hold true for the current year as well.

Water and Sewer Rate Increase - 2016

Sterling Heights purchases its water and sewage services from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and the Macomb County Public Works office, which directly influences the rates we must charge. Effective July 1, 2016, the cost of water purchased from the GLWA and GLWA's fixed charges increased by 6.7%.

Water consumption is estimated to fall by 6.0%, which lowers both water and sewer sale revenues. Macomb's sewer costs increased by 11.1%, coupled with a 3.7% increase in debt payments on the District's sewer rehabilitation projects. In addition, Macomb's fixed sewage charge last year was higher than anticipated. The cost of water main repairs, meter replacements, sewer preventative maintenance and cleanings has also risen. As a result, effective July 1, 2016 a 9.9% water and 14.9% sewer rate adjustment must be passed on to our customers resulting in an $8 per month average increase.

Fixed fees per bill are also being adjusted by $2.75 for residential customers and $4 for commercial users, as 90% of our wholesale costs are now fixed. Minimum bill consumption amounts increased from 800 to 900 cubic feet which also better reflects the increased fixed nature of our wholesale costs. Minimum bill consumption remains lower than the minimum consumption amount billed in 2012.

Sterling Heights Water and Sewer Billing Facts

  • The GLWA is now using computerized meter data to record Sterling Heights actual maximum day and peak hour usage factors. These maximum and peak hour usage factors have resulted in increased costs to us as our use patterns have changed since the 1980s. We are promoting ways to lessen our maximum and peak hour usage factors in order to lower future GLWA rate increases to us.
  • A 25% discount, up to $26, is applied to all summer water consumption. The maximum discount was raised from $25 to $26 in 2008. Most cities do not offer a summer consumption discount.
  • New users of the system pay for all water and sewer line additions. Therefore, Sterling Heights' rates do not contain any amount for expansion of the system.
  • Nearly 90% of the water and sewer system is complete and paid for. As a result, there is no outstanding water or sewer debt.
  • Nearly 80% of the city's water and sewer budget is for payments to the GLWA and Macomb Public Works for water and sewer services.
Sterling Heights has one of the lowest markups on GLWA's water rate of any community.

Great Lakes Water Authority Assisting Low Income Residents with WRAP Program

Community Action Alliance will deliver WRAP through our Empowerment Pathway Model - a custom designed service plan to help residential customers in the Great Lakes Water Authority regions to access bill assistance, water conservation measures, and navigate resources and WRAP-around supports on a pathway towards self-sufficiency.

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