Treasury is responsible for the receipt, deposit, control, and distribution of all receipts (taxes, water and sewer, and all other revenues) of the City on a daily basis.

City Funds Investing
A major function of Treasury is the investment of available City funds. The City utilizes Internet technology to provide current market information to allow timely purchases and trades, thus decreasing costs and increasing earnings. Treasury also bills, collects, and maintains all special assessments for water, sewer, pavement, sidewalks, and drains.
Custmer Being Served at the Treasury Office
Water & Sewer Billing
Monthly water and sewer bills are prepared for residential, industrial and commercial customers. Delinquent account reports are generated and transferred to tax rolls after approval by the City Manager on a semi-annual basis.

Retirement Systems
Other responsibilities involve acting as Treasurer and trustee for both the Police & Fire and the General Employees Retirement Systems. Through prudent investment strategies, both systems continue to maximize investment earnings.

Administrative Support
The Treasurer provides administrative support to the Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, and the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA). The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority reviews and processes applications for potential development on contaminated sites while the CIA and LDFA work to enhance commercial districts in the City by offering development incentives in order to increase economic vitality within these districts. Administrative support is also provided to the Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

Contribution & Benefit Plans
Treasury is also responsible for the various defined contribution plans (401(A) and 457 plans) and the defined benefit plan (General Employee's Retirement System or GERS). For the defined contribution plans, duties include the day-to-day administration and working with various service providers relative to investment options, coordination of employee education and general employee assistance. Duties related to the GERS include day-to-day administration of the system, preparing agendas and packets for monthly meetings, coordinating with money managers and service providers for quarterly performance meetings, assisting the system's legal actuary and custodial bank to ensure timely and proper benefit payments to retired employees.

The office also compiles and provides all required data to complete the annual actuarial valuation for both defined benefit pension plans and the biannual actuarial valuation of the retiree health and other post employment benefits trust fund.

Did You Know...
Treasury installed a new payment drop box in the circle drive at the Utica Road entrance to City Hall, which allows for secure and convenient payments during the day and after hours.