City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for many diverse functions of the City acting as both an internal and external office. All City offices, residents, community associations, businesses, and industries benefit from the services offered by this Office.

Keeper of Records
The City Clerk attends and records all City Council meetings. A summary report of Council's actions is prepared and distributed. The City Clerk also prepares the tentative and final agendas with the assistance of the City Manager. All public hearing notices are posted and submitted for publishing by the City Clerk's Office.

As Keeper of the Records, the Clerk maintains and/or records the following City documents: boards and commissions meeting minutes; bids, summonses, lawsuits, and legal documents, property variances and deeds; and birth and death certificates. The City Clerk also processes requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act.

Boards & Commissions Applications
The City Clerk receives and processes all Boards and Commissions applications. Click here to access a printable blank application to fill out and drop off or mail to the City Clerk’s Office.

Dog License Program
The dog license program ensures that dogs receive their mandatory vaccinations in order to protect the health and welfare of City residents.

Elections Staff
The Elections staff registers potential new voters, processes absentee ballot applications, hires and supervises precinct workers, tabulates election results, verifies nominating petitions, and conducts tests on the election program to detect errors prior to an election.

License Applications

License applications for amusement devices, cigarette vending machines, solicitors, temporary use vendors, auctions, carnivals / festivals, going out of business sales, mobile vendors, and house moving are filed with the City Clerk.

Administrative Liaison
In addition to these services, the City Clerk also serves as administrative liaison to several City boards and commissions. These include the Act 78 Civil Service Commission, Local Officials Compensation Commission, and the Election Commission.

Loss Control & Risk Management

Loss control and risk management functions are also performed by this office. Management of risks include general liability, property, and automobile. Procuring appropriate insurance certificates and performance bonds are also duties of the Risk Manager.

To serve the public, City departments, and City Council by efficiently providing relevant information regarding the many diverse functions that fall under the direction of this office.