Fire Prevention Division

About the Division
The goal of the Fire Prevention Division is to ensure structures are built incorporating the fire safety and fire suppression features mandated by the various codes and standards and to reduce and ultimately, eliminate fire and life safety hazards in inspectable buildings through code enforcement and public fire education.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the following duties and activities:
  • Department of Social Service Fire System Acceptance Test Inspections: Adult foster care, child day care, child foster care
  • Fire Investigations: Photography, reporting to the state and federal governments, arson follow-up, and evidence preservation
  • Inspections: Existing buildings, new buildings, and fire systems
  • Plan Checks: Site, buildings, fire systems
  • State Inspections: Clinics, cooperative inspections, and health care facilities
This Division is also responsible for:
  • Capacity inspections
  • Complaint inspections and investigations
  • Environmental hazard mitigation
  • Fire emergency preparedness
  • Referrals to other City departments
City & County Involvement
Training is provided by department personnel and received by Division personnel. Fire Prevention personnel are actively involved in legislative improvements. The staff is active in the Macomb County Fire Marshals Association and schedules and attends meetings with Building, Planning, Engineering, Public Works, Police, and the Macomb County Health Department. Meetings are also held as necessary with architects and contractors.

The Fire Prevention Division prepares an annual report based upon the files that are maintained throughout the year. This Division maintains files on all buildings located within the City.

The Fire Prevention Division is the lead division on all fire code enforcement and related issues and the coordination of efforts between the Fire Department and other City departments charged with code and ordinance enforcement.