Fire Extinguishment Division

About the Division
The Fire Extinguishment Division works to reduce deaths due to a wide variety of medical conditions and limit pain and suffering through proper emergency medical services while preserving, protecting, and minimizing loss of property from fire.

The primary function of the Fire Extinguishment Division is to save lives, minimize property from loss, and reduce the time needed to recover from medical emergencies, fires, and man-made or natural disasters in the City of Sterling Heights.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Fire Extinguishment Division is constantly working to equip the 3 battalions with the staffing, equipment and training necessary to respond to a wide variety of incidents including but not limited to:
  • Cave-ins
  • Fire protection service
  • Floods
  • Hazardous material leaks and spills
  • Heart attacks
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Wires down
Public Education
Fire Extinguishment Division personnel also provide public education and fire safety programs to the residents of our community.

Pre-Incident Surveys
This Fire Extinguishment Division also performs pre-incident surveys of major buildings in the City to develop plans to reduce risk to personnel and damage to the facility in the event of fire or other destructive events.

Equipment Maintenance
The Fire Extinguishment Division personnel are responsible for the daily maintenance of all emergency response apparatus and the corresponding equipment. This also holds true for emergency medical equipment, as well as maintaining the five fire stations.

Training & Continuing Education

To maintain proficiency in the vast variety of skills expected of a firefighter, personnel attend daily training in:
  • Emergency medicine
  • Emergency situation management
  • Fire ground tactics and operations
  • Hazardous materials
  • Search and rescue
  • Vehicle accident victim extrication
In addition to their training, they receive the continuing education required to maintain their various levels of licensure and certification. The Fire Extinguishment Division works diligently to provide skilled professionals to successfully mitigate emergencies and raise public awareness of safety, in a cost effective manner.

Regulation & Practice Guidelines
Fire Extinguishment Division personnel follow regulations, recommended practices, and guidelines in order to efficiently manage a wide spectrum of emergency events safely with the proper techniques and needed equipment. The following guidelines are followed:
  • Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act (SARA)
  • National Fire Academy’s Incident Command System (NFA & IC)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)