Diversity Distinction Awards


According to the Ethnic Community Committee, the Diversity Distinction Awards were initiated to recognize the good works of those in the community. The committee has bestowed the award on 32 individuals and 30 organizations since 2015.

“As a committee, we recognize that community members do so much to further understanding and respect among the many cultures and ethnicities that call the City of Sterling Heights home,” said Ethnic Community Committee Chairman Shawn Taylor. “We believe it is most appropriate that the individuals’ and organizations’ efforts be recognized by the Mayor, City Council, Ethnic Committee, and fellow residents."
2012 Diversity Distinction Award Honorees

Nomination Guidelines

To be considered for the prestigious honor, individual nominees should:
  • Promote understanding among city residents of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Demonstrate appreciation and acceptance of all cultures in his or her every day functions
Businesses nominated should:
  • Recruit, retain and advance people of color
  • Incorporate workplace diversity into corporate goals and/or performance measures
  • Show a commitment to diversity through philanthropic contributions
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