Public Art & Sculpture

The City of Sterling Heights and its 132,000+ residents take great pride in supporting the arts. Sculptures by famed artists David Bollman (Badge of Honor), Mark Beltchenko (Xs & O), Edward Chesney (*Fireman & Child), Marshall Frederick (Two Bears), Thomas Haynes (Centipede), Ray Katz (Burst), John Piet (Spiral Note), Ronald Farrington Sharp (In Use), Janice Trimpe (Sarah's Heirloom), Marcia Wood (Spirit of Sterling Heights) and Bernadette Zachara-Marcos (Ring Around the Rosie) are on permanent display throughout the Sterling Heights City Center and at *Fire Station #5.

Supporters of the Arts

Art supporters such as the Sterling Heights Cultural Commission, Friends of the Sterling Heights Library and the Sterling Heights Community Foundation work to foster an appreciation of the arts for years to come.

Throughout these pages you'll read about the great individual pieces that have found a permanent home in Sterling Heights. You can also learn about the Cultural Commission's 5th outdoor public sculpture exhibition, "SterlingScapes V" that has placed additional contemporary pieces on the City Center grounds.