Parking Information

Free parking during the Sterlingfest Art and Music Fair is available throughout the City Center complex located near the corner of Utica and Dodge Park Roads and at various schools located along Dodge Park Road. Shuttle Bus Service is $1 per way.

Free Parking

Free parking is available at:
  • 41-A District Court, 40111 Dodge Park Rd.
  • Senior Citizen Center, 40200 Utica Rd.
  • Stevenson High School, 39701 Dodge Park Rd.
  • Redemption Lutheran Church, 39051 Dodge Park Rd
  • Davis Junior High School, 11311 Plumbrook Rd.*
  • Heritage Junior High School, 37400 Dodge Park Rd.*
  • Grass Lots off of Utica Road, just East of Dodge Park Road
  • Grass Lot at the NW corner of 18 Mile Road and Utica Road
  • Metro Church of Christ (across from the City Center)

Free Handicapped Parking

Free handicapped parking is available at:
City Center Lot in front of the Library and Police Department (must show handicapped pass).

Shuttle Service

*Shuttle Service is available from:
  • Davis Junior High School
  • Heritage Junior High School
  • St. Ephram Church
  • Walsh Elementary
  • Parkside Community Church
  • Redemption Lutheran Church
Shuttle Bus Service is $1 per way.