Sterling Heights History

  1. Books on Sterling Heights History

    Learn about the 2 books Sterling Township: 1875-1968 and Seven Miles from Home.

  2. Collection & Display Photo Gallery

    View photos of old historical displays.

  3. Edgerton Cemetery

    Edgerton Cemetery was established in the 1830s as a family burial ground on approximately 1.84 acres of land. The cemetery is located on a knoll on the southwest corner of Schoenherr and Utica roads, on the site of what was originally the Edgerton family farm.

  4. Historical Collection & Displays

    The Sterling Heights Historical Commission solicits and accepts items for the Sterling Heights Historical Collection which depict the growth and change within this municipality since its inception as a township in 1835. Recognizing that today's events will be tomorrow's history, modern items judged to be of permanent value will be considered.

  5. Historical Articles

    Read through a variety of historical information and articles.

  6. Historical Homes

    The Residential Date Plaque Award Program, established from 1992-1999, has recognized 33 homes of historic value in Sterling Heights as identified by age and architectural significance. View pictures of these homes.

  7. Historical Marker Project

    The Michigan Historical Marker Program was designed to reveal the important stories surrounding persons, places, or events.

  8. Upton House

    Built in 1866-1867 by William and Sarah Aldrich Upton, the Upton House is one of a few surviving 19th century homes in Sterling Heights. It was the home of this prosperous farmer and merchant until 1891.

  9. Veterans History Project

    The project collects first person accounts of military service in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, and Persian Gulf Conflicts.

  10. Wanted: Display Items & Photographs

    The Commission is looking for photos from the late 19th century to early 20th century that show schools in Sterling Township.