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Jun 13

Advancing Your Company—EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System

Posted to Development News by Andrea Mantakounis

The City of Sterling Heights is offering an EOS® webinar series involving topics led by Professional EOS® Implementer and Entrepreneur, Marisa Smith. This year’s themes will be applied in three separate sessions, one of which will be a live event, featuring a Lunch and Learn. The theme of these sessions will include:
  •  What to Do When Your Company Hits the Ceiling (Webinar)

Friday, July 21 from 12pm-1pm

  •  Simple Tools for Building a Strong Culture at Your Company (Lunch and Learn)

Friday, September 22 from 12 pm-1pm
Velocity Collaboration Center
$25 (Proceeds will go to the Sterling Heights Community Foundation)

  •  Crystallize Your Company Vision for 2018 (Webinar)

Friday, December 1 from 12pm-1pm

Marisa Smith 
Series leader, Marisa Smith, is a Professional EOS® Implementer who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and leadership teams get what they want from their businesses. As an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Marisa found EOS® to be extremely beneficial. She began implementing EOS® in her own company in 2014 and quickly felt relief from the frustrations that had been plaguing her for years. She started speaking to clients and agency colleagues about her firm’s success, and quickly developed a passion for helping other entrepreneur implement EOS® in their own companies. She now devotes all of her time to working with entrepreneurial leaders to clarify, simplify and achieve their visions. 

Attending these events will allow you to ask questions, get to know other small business owners, and learn fundamental EOS® principles.

Your Business and EOS®

Entrepreneurs often find themselves running into unexpected challenges within their business. Many work longer hours than expected, receiving less return on their investment of time and money than originally planned. Common frustrations that entrepreneurs experience include:


Is balancing time between business and family life a challenge?


Are all your people on the same page?


Do you feel you need to grow to stay competitive, but can’t afford it?


Is your company revenue stuck at a plateau?


Have you tried strategies from the latest great business books, but nothing seems to stick?

If any of these obstacles are true for you, attending the Sterling Heights’ EOS® webinar series is the first step to overcoming them.

What Local Business Owners Had to Say About the Initial EOS® Program Launch in March:

“Mike Kotsis was a nurturing facilitator who had the unique ability to pull me out of my comfort zone and take a deep look at the issues that were holding my business back from our true potential. I found that the ‘Get a Grip on Your Business’ workshop was an excellent opportunity for DASI Solutions to inspect the core values of our organization and establish measurable action items going forward.”

-David Darbyshire
Engineer / Co-Owner 
DASI Solutions - Headquarters 

“Our company has utilized elements of the EOS Operating System in our sales and distribution facilities with great success.  The fundamentals of the program are thoughtful and success can be experienced quickly.”

-Nate Tallman
Vice President of Operations
Metro Wire & Cable, Corp.

Jun 26

Firework Usage and Safety

Posted to From the Chief's Desk by Bridget Kozlowski


By Fire Chief Chris Martin and 
Interim Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski

It is that time of year when many people decide to purchase and use fireworks. Before getting started, we believe it is important to understand what the law says and also how to safely use fireworks. Each year, many people are severely injured, even killed by fireworks accidents and much property is damaged as well; so as your Fire Chief and Interim Police Chief, it is our opinion that fireworks only be ignited by trained professionals. That being said, we understand some people will decide to use them anyway, so please be safe and follow the law.
 The police department will have a dedicated fireworks car patrolling the city in the days leading up to and after the Fourth of July holiday.  There will be zero tolerance for those that illegally use fireworks and jeopardize our resident’s safety.

The Law

When can you use fireworks? Only the day before, day of and day after one of the ten recognized holidays. (These can be found in the Ordinance). They can only be used between the hours of 7 a.m. and  11 p.m., on those days. Where can you use fireworks? Fireworks can only be used on private property, with permission of the owner. Fireworks cannot be used within 25 feet of a building, 20 feet of a property line, 500 feet of a gas station, or when winds exceed 10 mph. It is also important to note that fireworks cannot be launched from a public street or sidewalk, which is a common violation. Finally, no one under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance can use fireworks; this is both a safety concern as well as against the law.

Safety Concerns

If you are going to use fireworks, please follow these suggestions. First off, it is important to read the labels on the fireworks to understand what they are expected to do. These labels should give you safe distances to operate in. Always have a bucket of water or charged hose at the ready when using fireworks. If the firework is designed to leave the ground, it should be supplied with an object that is designed to launch it from. It is important to take steps to make sure the object used to launch the firework from is on flat ground and is properly stabilized so that is will not fall over. Safety glasses are a must for anyone near the launching of the fireworks. This should only be done by adults, keep all children at a safe distance. It is also a good idea to wear long sleeve shirts, pants and good shoes as well as a good pair of gloves. If an object fails to launch or ignite, do not attempt to reignite it. Wait 20 minutes before moving that object and NEVER look down the launch tube. If it has not launched or ignited after 20 minutes, submerse the firework in a bucket of water, taking caution to hold the launch tube away from your body and pointed in a safe direction. Last, but not least, please make sure you clean up after yourself, keeping in mind that spent fireworks can contain hot embers long after they have been used. Never place used fireworks in combustible garbage cans and never store them in or near a structure. Instead, soak all the used fireworks thoroughly when done and store them in metal containers away from your house until garbage day. 

house fire from fireworks
SHFD responds to a fire almost every year from improper firework disposal procedures. Notice the fireworks still left on the porch. 

Contact the Non-Emergency Fire Department line at (586) 446-2950 or Non-Emergency Police Department Line at (586) 446-2800.