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Community Relations

  1. Printing Request
  2. Senior Help Volunteer Form

    The City of Sterling Heights is looking for volunteers who are willing to help the seniors in our community during a time of need. We... More…

  3. Sterlingfest Feedback: We want to know!

    The City of Sterling Heights is seeking resident feedback on Sterlingfest. Do you have input on the arts, music, food, carnival or... More…

  4. Volunteer Application Form
  1. Public Art Mural Program - Submission for Consideration

    The Sterling Heights Arts Commission is seeking businesses interested in participating in the Sterling Heights Public Art Mural Program... More…

  2. Skate with C.O.R.E. - Guess How Many?!
  3. Subscriptions

    The Sterling Heights Community Relations Department offers 5 free email subscriptions that keep our citizenry informed.

  4. Volunteer Recognition Form

    Volunteer Recognition Form