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History Today: The Children of COVID-19

  1. Description
    History examines the past, but it also happens every day. During extraordinary times, it’s necessary to pause and mark the present for posterity. In these overwhelming days of Coronavirus, it is our duty to record and preserve the first-hand experiences of today. The Sterling Heights Historical Commission is organizing an outreach project with a goal of gathering and preserving the expressed effects of COVID-19 on our children through the mediums of art and words.

    Children, age 18 and under, are invited to submit a drawing or essay that expresses their emotions, impressions, moods, perspectives, and personal encounters caused by the Coronavirus. Submissions will be permanently archived and preserved in the City’s historical collection. Each entrant will receive a commemorative certificate recognizing participation. Entries will be placed on exhibit at the Sterling Heights Community Center at a future date when public gatherings are approved safe.
  2. Submission Rules
    • Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2021.
    • Drawings and essays should be on paper no larger than 9’’ x 12”.
    • Pencil, color, or painted drawings are acceptable.
    • Drawings must have an explanatory caption or title limited to 25 words.
    • Essays are limited to 250 words.
    • Child’s first name, first initial of last name, and age must be written on the front side of the drawing or essay.
    • Child’s full name (first and last), address, and phone number should be written in pencil on the back side of the drawing or essay.
    • Entrant’s family may duplicate the submission, however, original submissions will not be returned and will become the property of the Sterling Heights Historical Commission.
    • Submissions will become part of the city’s permanent historical collection at the Upton House Museum.
    • Drawings and essays will be publicly exhibited at the Sterling Heights Community Center at a future date.
    • Child’s Personal data on the backside of entry will not be exposed.
  3. Permissions
    By signing this, I understand that I, the parent or legal guardian of the child listed above, permit said child to submit a personal work of art or writing to the City of Sterling Heights Historical Commission’s Project, “History Today: The Children of COVID-19”. I understand that said child’s work becomes the property of the Historical Commission; that the work submitted will be permanently archived in the City’s historical museum, and the entry submitted will be on public display by the Historical Commission at future dates. I also understand that I may be contacted by the City or Historical Commission regarding future city matters.
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