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Short Term Temporary Sign Registration

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  3. *** This form is only required for short-term temporary signs (< 90 days) on non-residential and vacant property in the City ***
    Please allow one full business day for online registrations to be processed.
    * denotes form information that is required
  6. The City’s Zoning Ordinance (Section 28.13) limits temporary signs on residential property to a total of 9 square feet and each individual sign may not exceed 3 square feet . This form is NOT required for occupied residential properties. If the sign will be placed on a vacant property or a non-residential property, the Zoning Ordinance limits temporary signs to a total of 40 square feet and each individual sign may not exceed 12 square feet. All short-term temporary signs must be setback five (5) feet from any property line and at least one (1) foot from any sidewalk, utility poles, and public rights-of-way.
  7. Is this a NEW registration for a new short-term temporary sign or a RENEWAL registration for an existing registered short-term temporary sign? *
    (Note regarding 90 day extensions: City of Sterling Heights Zoning Ordinance (Section 28.13) allows one extension for 90 days for short-term temporary signs on vacant and non-residential properties if the sign is properly maintained)

  8. Occupancy Status: *
  9. Property Owner Contact Information: *
    Select only one option
  10. By submitting this form, I certify and agree to the following:
    • I have contacted the property owner or a person with authority to allow a temporary sign on the property and obtained permission to place the temporary sign described above on the property listed above.

    • I understand and agree that the City’s employees and agents may enter onto the above-described property for the purpose of tagging and removing any signage which does not conform to the requirements of the City’s Codes and Ordinances, and that I am solely responsible for the maintenance, placement, and removal of the sign.

    • I agree to remove the sign within 7 days after it is no longer necessary for, or capable of, fulfilling its purpose.

    • I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold the City, its officers, officials, employees, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, or suits, including attorney fees, arising out of, or in connection with, placement of the sign and any inspection and enforcement actions relating to the sign.

    • I understand that information on this application could be subject to public disclosure.
  11. I would like the registration of this sign to begin: *
  12. If no start date is specified, the sign’s installation will be effective for 90 days from the date that the City sends written confirmation that all information required by the City’s Zoning Ordinance has been accurately provided.
  13. This form must be completed and filed with the Office of the City Clerk, 40555 Utica Road, PO Box 8009, Sterling Heights, MI 48311-8009. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL BE REJECTED. Notice to Proceed with sign installation will be provided by the Office of the City Clerk.
  14. ***** All temporary signs shall be removed within 7 days after they are no longer necessary for, or capable of, fulfilling their intended purpose *****
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